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No sabes lo fuerte que eres, hasta que ser fuerte es tu única opción.
Swimming chose me

We think we own our actions, that what happens to us is always the result of our decisions, or lack thereof. The reality is that almost everything that happens to us in life is determined by our nature, how it affects us and everything around us. After four years I was hit by a car and my competitive nature was put into operation.

Up every morning was to compete, going to school was a competition, integrate into the world with my wheelchair was racing, and from very soon see the faces of sorry for all around me became unconsciously a target to eliminate my life.

I tried several sports until I did a refresher course swimming with children without disabilities. I discovered that when I got into the water and the kids did not see my wheelchair, I was treated like others. I liked that.

I liked the feeling of floating in the water, the sound of the whistle from my coach that sounded distorted dive, swim and see how my wheelchair stood still while I kept moving forward, I liked to work hard every day to improve, but Above all, I enjoyed watching the faces of my teammates when they won. His disbelief was my way to erase the world faces pity.

Swimming does the character, put it to the test. My physical, mental and above other things, my habit of racing since I got up out of bed, made the most complete sport and sacrificial qualities, the best for me. Swimming had chosen me and I just had to be true to my nature.

Throughout my career I have managed to fulfill all my dreams as an athlete. Represent my country, winning gold in Paralympic Games, have a world record, being the best in a moment of history in the sport that made me suffer and enjoy equally.

Swimming has taught me that what matters is not better than the other, the important thing is to be each day better than yourself.

- Mom, how can that child swim without legs?
- Because nothing with the heart.

Pablo Cimadevila